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Vision, Mission & Core Values



“Humanising the citizens through Law”

This Institution strives to enrich the knowledge of the stakeholders, to instill confidence and courage in them, to help them develop skills of effective presentation in order to make them efficient professionals, to create awareness in their mind about their duty towards the society in general and to the oppressed and downtrodden section of the society in particular and about the need of their humble contributions to the concerns for peace, justice and betterment and progress of humanity.

“ Enabling the students to reform the Society ”

To impart socially relevant Legal Education to the students by involving them in direct and active interaction with the society, to adapt them to face the new social and legal challenges and to bring social reforms and national development.

  • To raise academic standard to novel heights to bring excellence in quality legal education.
  • To provide unique opportunities to the stakeholders for experimental learning under the guidance of learned and experienced faculty.
  • To produce able lawyers armed with adequate legal knowledge and sufficient skills of argumentation and lawyering to fight for justice.
  • To inspire and tune up the students to serve the interests of the common and downtrodden folk of our Nation to enable them to empower the powerless.
  • To help the students to develop to the best of their natural talents and activities and to mould them to respond intellectually and effectively to the new challenges and opportunities.
  • To adapt the students to cater for the new environment presented by the Globalisation.
  • To escalate the spirit of Patriotism in them.
  • To add to the brainpower of the Nation.
  • To make the students self-reliant and law abiding citizens.
  • To strive towards the attainment of a peaceful, orderly democracy by instilling in the mind of the students ideals of communal harmony, tolerance and co-operation.