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Honorable Principal

“…. Man is inwardly a soul and a conscious power of the Divine and that the evolution of this real man within is the right object of education and indeed human life ….”

-Sri. Arabindo

Dear Student,
Spiritually, it is believed that the life on the earth is regulated by the laws of the Lord of Divinity. It is the ‘rule of law’ that draws the essential difference between human society and the animal world. The legal education plays an important role in promoting the social justice. Law professionals are characterized as ‘Social Engineers’.

The B.V. Bellad Law College, Belagavi by advancing knowledge and transforming lives, believes that the quest for knowledge is best the facilitated by creating the right environment and enabling interaction. You will find that our well stocked library triggers off discussions not just in the class rooms but in canteen and hostel common room as well. The sharing of ideas is extended through legal awareness programs and other academic activities, you will participate in. Your community life is not restricted to field of law alone but finds expression on the sports and cultural arena as well.

The legal profession is one among the that, which has the potential to make a genuine difference in society. While we see ourselves as facilitators of change, it is the passion and commitment displayed by you that makes change possible. We strongly believe that the ethics, values and sense of social justice you imbibe at our Law College will serve to guide and power your legal career.

-Dr. B. Jayasimha