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Guest Lectures


Organise regular Guest Lectures from various eminent personalities which motivates students for their personality development. Following is the list of guest lectures conducted till last academic year 2016-17:

1 Madam Gouri, United States Counsellate, Chennai Maximum Utilisation of Library 02nd Aug. 2006
2 Prof. S.S. Urbinnavar, present Secretary, Board of Management, K.L.E. Society Communication Skills in BPO Sector 06th Oct. 2006
3 Prof. J.M. Mallikarjunia, Principal, K.L.E.S., Law College, Bangalore Information Technology 16th Oct. 2006
4 Prof. J.M. Mallikarjunia, Principal, K.L.E.S., Law College, Bangalore Introduction to the Certificate Course on IT Law 07th Nov. 2006
5 Hon’bleJustice B.K.Somasekhara, Former Judge, High Court of Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh & Chairman, IIIT Law, Bangalore. Legal Language 5th Feb. 2007
6 Resources persons of IIIT Law Bangalore On various topics of Infotech Law Courses On specified Saturday & Sundays in 2006
7 Mr. Vidyashankar, Secretary, IIIT Law, Bangalore “Communication Skill & Advocacy”. 1st September 2007
8 Mr. Prashant F. Goudar , Senior Advocate, Belgaum “How Moot Court helps in Advocacy?” 8th September 2007
9 Mr. Amit Soundalgekar, Professional Trainer, Belgaum Parent – Student Meet cum Training Programme 23rd September 2007
10 Dr. Bhogale, HOD of Psychiatry, enlightened the students about caring Mental Health. Hon’ble Mr. C.M.Joshi, Addl.Civil Judge (Sr.Dn) Belgaum On the eve of ‘WORLD MENTAL HEALTH WEEK’ 12th October 2007
11 Shri. Danesh Vajramatti, a poet, Belgaum “Personality Development” 31st Jan 2008
12 Smt. Roopa Samant, Instructor, Language Laboratory, Lingraj College, Belgaum “ Spoken English at Language Laboratory” 28th Feb. 2008
13 Shri. Lankesh Laxshman Ghasti, Belgaum Exhibited a collection of rare coins (ancient & present) and currency of 170 Countries in the World in the college premises and shared his hard efforts in collecting the same 7th March 2008
14 Midas Touch Capital Advisors Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai “Life Cycle Financial Planning” 28th March 2008
15 Shri. Nicholas Roloue, Canadian Lawyer Rule of Law 13/09/2008
16 Dr. N.M. Patil, Assoc Prof. Dept of Psychiatry J.N.M.C. & K.L.E. Hospital, Belgaum
Hon’ble Shri V.V.Angadi
Principal Dist & Sessions Judge, Belgaum
World Mental Health Week 13/10/2008
17 Dr. N.M. Patil, Assoc Prof., Dept of Psychiatry J.N.M.C. & K.L.E. Hospital, Belgaum
Shri. Ravi M. Naikbr/>
Principal. Civil Judge (Sr. Dn), Belgaum.
World Mental Health Week 08/10/2009
18 Shri. B.M. Chougale,
High Court of Karnataka, Bangalore
THE ROOTS –Law Lecture Series – 4th Lecture on “Contracts Opposed to Public Policy” 10/10/2009
19 Shri. M.G. Nagnuri,
Advocate, High Court of Karnataka (Circuit Bench), Dharwad
THE ROOTS – Law Lecture Series – 5th Lecture on “Injunction – With Respect to Contractual Obligations” 10/10/2009
20 Shri. Verghese A.O.,
Branch Manager, Federal Bank, Belgaum
“E-Banking” for the P.G.Diploma in Cyber Law students 12/12/2009
21 Shri Ravi M. Naik, Principal Civil Judge, Belgaum “Negotiable Instruments Act” 09/10/2010
22 Dr. Rajendra Kumar Katte,
MD (NIMHANS) Bangalore, Associate Professor& In-charge H.O.D. Dept. of Psychiatry, BIMS, Belgaum & Shri Ravi M. Naik, Principal Civil Judge, Belgaum
World Mental Health Week celebration by organizing Special Guest Lecture on “Mental Disorders & Legal Aid Under Mental Health Act, 1987”. 14/10/2010
23 Shri Ravi M. Naik, Principal Civil Judge, Belgaum &
Shri N. Kariyappa, Sr. Motor Vehicle Inspector, Belgaum
Special lecture on “The Motor Vehicle Act” 26/10/2010
24 Shri.Ravikumar, I Addl.Civil Judge(Jr.Dn), Belgaum Special lecture on “The Legal education, legal profession & Human values” 28/10/2010
25 Dr. Nanda Hampannavar,
Asst. Prof., Dept of Rasashastra, K.L.E. University’s Shri. B.M. Kankanwadi Ayurveda College, Belgaum
Special Guest Lecture on the eve of “International Women’s Day” in association with K.L.E. S. College of Fashion Technology, Belgaum on the topic “Women & Health through Ayurveda” 07/03/2011
26 Shri. R.M.Badamikar,
IV Addl. Dist. & Sessions Judge, Belgaum
Special Guest Lecture on “Anti Corruption Laws and Remedies” 15/03/2011
27 Smt. Vaijushri Adike,
Permanent Loka Adalat,
Guest Lecture on Counselling 20/05/2011
28 Shri. Vishwanath Sattigeri,
Permanent Loka Adalat,
Guest Lecture on Procedure Before Permanent Lok Adalat 20/05/2011
29 Shri S.R. Mundargi, Senior Advocate, Belgaum Bar , Belgaum Guest Lecture on “Scope of criminal side practice” 08/10/2011