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Chairman’s Message



Dr. Prabhakar Kore
Honorable Chairman

Transferring lives through education

Nearly 10 decades ago in 1916 the region of Karnataka experienced the birth of a new era-the Karnataka Lingayat Education Society. It was a humble initiative that would transform the bleak educational landscape in Karnataka and Maharastra. The sage begins with its illustrious founders. Sri. Chachadi Veerabhadrappa Gunappa Desai, Sri. Aratal Rudragouda and Sri. Vijappa Anigol, who all collectively believed in providing education for the common man. Their efforts were ably supplemented by seven visionaries Sri. S.S. Basavanal, Sri. M.R. Sakhare, Sri. B.B.Mamadapur, Sri. H.F. Kattimani, Sri. Panditappa Chikodi, Sri. B.S. Hanchinal and Sri. Veeranagouda Patil with the collectivecontributions from renowned philanthropists of the region such as, Sri. Sirasangi Lingaraj, Sri. Raja Lakhamagouda and Sri. Bhomaraddi Basappa and help from other philosophers, intellectuals and educationists the society begin laying a strong educational foundation with its base at Belagavi, Karnataka.

The commitment and dedication of the KLE society has made it’s a vast educational phenomenon that manages over 250 institutions in the area of Healthcare delivery, Agriculture, Engineering, IT, Law, Pharmacy, Nursing….Over 1,10,262 students, and, 16,000 faculty from kindergarten to doctoral programs, the society has indeed come a long way. And, in the process, become a key player whose commendable contribution to healthcare and education, has gained global reorganization.

Yet another chapter in the history of the society has begun with the newly formed KLE University, recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC). Behind the Society’s Endeavors is the vision, leadership and dedication of its Chairman, Dr. Prabhakar B. Kore. The collective efforts of every single member of the society continue to propagate the pioneering spirit, with the assurance that the University will adhere to the highest moral and ethical standards in providing the finest of education.

Its premier law institutions are bringing about a positive change in millions of lives every year. Under the ambit of KLE Society, and through the KLE Law Academy which operates as Umbrella under which the institutions operate. The B.V. Bellad Law College, Belagavi lives up to the aims of the KLE Society by advancing knowledge and transforming the lives of the students.