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Free Legal Aid Cell

Free Legal Aid Cell is established in the College as a part of curricular activities and also as per the requirement of Legal Services Authority Act with following objectives:

  • To train the students in interviewing skills and understand the problems of weaker section of the society.
  • To create legal awareness among the villagers.
  • To inculcate social responsibility among the students by organizing legal aid & legal literacy camp.
  • To provide legal aid to the students, parents and other stakeholders.


  • Arrange socio-legal survey at villages / slum area
  • Arrange Legal Aid awareness rally, lectures at schools, colleges, public places, factories or concern
  • Organise Seminars /Webinars / Guest Lectures in association with District Legal Service Authority, Belagavi

List of Legal Aid & Awareness programmes conducted


1 25/08/2016 Two retired Army personnel had felicitated in the College to celebrate 70th Independence Day
2 08/09/2016 The college in association with Alliance Club International 131 Karnataka & Goa District Legal Services Authority, Belagavi & The COmmandent 44BN Indo Tibetian Border Police, Vantamuri, Belagavi – organised “Legal Awarness Programme on Human Rights Commission” Prof. V.V. Muradande was the keynote speakers on the same.
3 19/10/2016 “An Awareness Programme on Societal Facts of HIV Infected Patients” conducted by the Legal Aid Cell of the college in which Mrs. Nagaratna Ramanagouda, Founder of Ashraya Foundation, Belagavi was a guest speaker & Shri. B. Jayasimha, Principal presided over the programme.
4 02/12/2016 A Legal Aid & Awareness camp was organized at Kakati village wherein 86 students of II LL.B. & IV B.A., LL.B. participated and conducted Socio Legal survey and visited 1007 houses. In the evening, Shri. Kiran Kini, Member Secretary of District Legal Services Authority, Belagavi rendered inaugural speech & answered queries of villagers. Shri. R.B. Bellad, Chairman, LGB, B.V. Bellad Law College, Belagavi and Shri. Gajanan K. Patil, Advocate Kakati were the Guest of Honour and Smt. Suman S. Shapurkar, President, Gram Panchayat, Kakati presided over the function.
5 02/03/2017 Mrs. J.G. Hiremath, Asst.Prof. and Mr. Chandrashekhar Bommanavar, Mr. Shivraj Ganganalli, Mr. Sagar Belavi, Ms. Anisha Jevannavar and Ms. Rajahsri Desai of II LL.B. have conducted “Legal Aid & Awareness Programme” for the final year B.A. and B.Com. students of Beynon-Smith Methodist Degree College, Belagaum
6 2nd & 3rd Nov 2016 Legal Aid Survey conducted on behalf of Dist. Legal Aid Authority, Belagavi by the second year students at Badas and submitted for action
7 20/03/2017 20 students of LL.B. & IV B.A., LL.B. caries Legal aid Servey in Jamboti village of Khanapur Taluk, Dist: Belagavi and submitted Syrvey report to the Dist. Legal Aid Authority, Belagavi
8 11/04/2017 16 students of II LL.B. & IV B.A., LL.B. Para – Legal Aid volunteers conducted Socio-Legal Survey at Karadiguddi village by visiting 247 houses and the said report submitted to DLSA, Belagavi
9 18/04/2017 15 students of II LL.B. & IV B.A., LL.B. (PLAV) conducted Socio-Legal Survey at Tigadi & visited 397 houses and survey report submitted to DLSA, Belagavi
10 19/04/2017 24 students of II LL.B. & IV B.A., LL.B. (PLAV) conducted Socio-Legal Survey at Hannikeri village & visited 419 houses and survey report submitted to DLSA, Belagavi
11 22/04/2017 Dr. Smt. J.G.Hiremath, Asst. Prof. delivered keynote address on the topic “Combating cyber crimes” in a Legal Awareness Programme organized by Alliance Club International District 131, Alliance Club Chikkodi, The Commandant 44 BN Indo Tibetian Border Police, Vantamuri, Belagavi at Indo Tibetian Border Police Auditorium, Belagavi in association with Legal Aid Cell of our College
12 23/04/2017 All the Para legal Aid Volunteers of II LL.B. participated in “Grievance Redressal Programme”organized by DLSA & Dist. Judiciary, Belagavi at R.E.S. High School, Sampagaon, Bailhongal Taluk wherein Hon’ble Mr. Justice L.Narayan Swamy, Judge, High Court of Karnataka & Chairman, High Court Legal Service Committee, Bengaluru addressed the gathering & appreciated the socio-legal survey conducted by our students
13 08/08/2018 A legal Aid & Awareness  Programme organised by the college in association with dist. Administration, DLSA, Labour Department, District Child Labour Planning Society, Belagavi on the topic “Child Labour &Adolescent Labour Prohibition” in the Central Hall, Lingaraj College, Belagavi. Shri. Kiran Kini, Member Secretary, DLSA, Belagavi inaugurated the programme whereas Shri. Venkatesh Shindihatti, KLS, Department Labour Commissioner, Belagavi division and Shri. Mallikarjun Jogur, Labour Officer, Sub Division – 2, Belagavi were Chief Guests. Dr. B. Jayasimha, Principal, B.V. Bellad Law College, Belagavi presided the function
14 07/11/2019 “Legal Awareness Rally on traffic Rules” conducted on 07.11.2019 by the Legal Aid Cell of the college wherein Legal Aid Coordinator Shri. M.S. Allappanavar and students volunteers taken up rally creating awareness on traffic rules by using flex, boards from college campus towards Court complex, Belagavi.
15 12/11/2019 National Legal Literacy Day and National Youth Day were celebrated in the premises of KLES (B.Ed.) college of Education in collaboration with District Legal Service Authority, Belagavi, Rotary Club, South, Belagavi. On the occasion Shri. Vijay Devaraj Auras, Member Secretary, DLSA, Belagavi was the Chief Guest, Dr. Vasant Kuri, Principal, KLES College of Education, Belagavi was Guest of Honor and Shri. B. Jayasimha, Principal of our college presided over the function. In this 60 students from II yr LL.B. and IV yr B.A., LL.B. and  students from B.Ed. College were pres
1 16/03/2019 Govt. High School, Mastmaradi Belagavi Ms. Pooja Yashwant, II yr LL.B.
Ms. Sunita Kosti, II yr LL.B.
Child Labor
2 13/03/2019 Govt. Ideal Promary Kannada School, Marihal Mr. Mallikarjun Andani, II yr LL.B.
Mr. Manjunath Pujari, II yr LL.B.
Importance of Education
Mr. Sanjeev Pujari, II yr LL.B.
Mr. Sanjay Biradi, II yr LL.B.
Women Harassment
Mr. Raghavendra Biragoudar, II yr LL.B. Child Labor
3 27/03/2019 Vega Auto Accessories Pvt. Ltd., Belagavi Ms. Ashwini Hawaldar, IV yr B.A., LL.B.
Ms. Priya Sanakki, II yr LL.B.
Maternity Benefits
4 15/03/2019 Govt. Primary High School, Honaga Mr. RagahvJatrate, II yr LL.B.
Mr. Shrikant, II yr LL.B.
Right to Information &Adhar Card
5 18/03/2019 Kannada Medium High School, Mahanteshnagar, Belagavi Mr. SumitAgasagi, IV yr B.A., LL.B.
Mr. Vinay Patil, IV yr B.A., LL.B.
Legal Aid & Awareness on General Law topics
Mr. SarfarajUdikeri, II yr LL.B.
Mr. AzaruddinAralikatti, II yr LL.B.
6 20/03/2019 Bashiban High School, Belagavi Ms. ShahabazGodeshwar, II yr LL.B. Child Marriage Prohibition
7 19/03/2019 Kannada Primary School for boys, Yamakanamaradi Mr. Rahul  Devarmani, II yr LL.B.
Mr. Anand Zirali, II yr LL.B.
Right to Information
Mr. Paramesh Shirayi, IV yr B.A., LL.B.
Mr. Sunil Shinde, II yr LL.B.
Mr. devarajKamble, II yr LL.B.
Education Right
8 15/03/2019 Kannada Higher Primary school, Shaganagatti Ms. Supriya Patil, II yr LL.B.
Ms. RevatiKesarur, IV yr B.A., LL.B.
Right of Women & Children
9 11/03/2019 Kannada Higher Primary school, Sonatti Mr. Raju H. , II yr LL.B.
Mr. SampatShingyagol, II yr LL.B.
Dowry Deaths
10 11/03/2019 Kannada Govt. Primary School, Jumnal, Tq: Honaga Mr. Sagar Mukannavar, II yr LL.B.
Mr. Mohan Lambani, II yr LL.B.
Child Marriage
11/ 11/03/2019 DPEC Govt. Kannada Primary School, Dasarvadi, Tq: Honaga Mr. SatteppaJogati, II yr LL.B.
Mr. Sunil Sangoji, II yrLL.B.
Child Labor
12/ 11/03/2019 Govt. Primary Kannada School, Veerabhavi, Tq: Belagavi Mr. Mahesh Mucchandi,
II yr LL.B.
Mr. Basavaraj Naik,
II yr LL.B.
Child Marriage
13/ 12/03/2019 Siddai Women Self Healping KH Kangrali Ms. Nivedita Suravanshi, II yr LL.B.
Ms. Roopali Shetty, II yr LL.B.
Consumer Protection Act. 1986
14 12/03/2019 M.V.Herwadkar English Medium School, Belagavi Ms. Prachi Kulkarni, II yr LL.B.
Ms. ManikNesarkar, II yr LL.B.
Sexual Harrassment of Women at Workplace Domestic Violence
15 07/03/2019 Govt. Kannada Primary School, KH Kangrali Ms. Shaheen Jamadar, II yr LL.B.
Ms. GangavvaKelageri, II yr LL.B.
Right to Education
Ms. AkshataMaryali, II yr LL.B.
Ms. Reshma Kamble, II yr LL.B.
Child Labor Act
16 06/03/2019 Govt. Kannada Primary School, Bhagyanagar, Belagavi Mr. A.L.Aski, II yr LL.B.
Mr. V.U.Tatrigol, II yr LL.B.
Right to Education
17 06/03/2019 KLPS, Chidambarnagar, Angol Ms. S.B. Hudali, II yr LL.B.
Ms. D.B.Hatti, II yr LL.B.
Protection of Rights of Child Labor / International & National Era
18 12/03/2019 Govt. High School Hannikeri 12 students of II yr LL.B. Dowry Harassment
11 students of II yr LL.B. Child Marriage
19 13/03/2019 Govt. Higher Primary Kannada School, Gudaganatti RC, Tq: Hukkeri 12 students of II yr LL.B. Child Marriage