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1 Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) and

Seven Criterion Committees

  • To maintain quality in all the activities of the College and adhere to vision, mission and objectives of the College, in all the activities.
  • To implement core values of NAAC in all the activities in the College.
  • To coordinate with all the departments, Committees & Cells of the College in the implementation of the Academic Plan of the College.
  • To send Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR)  to NAAC every year.
Statutory Committee
2 Students Council
  • To encourage students to participate in the organization of all the activities in the College.
  • To train meritorious students in the organization and execution of all the activities in the College.
  • To develop leadership qualities among the students.
Co-curricular Committee
3 Admission Committee
  • To make the students aware of legal profession and its significance.
  • To counsel the students regarding 3 yr. LL.B course & 5 yr. B.A.LL.B course & assure them of placements.
Curricular Committee
4 Disciplinary &  Anti Ragging Committee
  • To inculcate discipline among the students on the campus.
  • To create awareness among the students about the ill effects of ragging & to maintain discipline.
  • To inculcate fraternity among the students.
Statutory Committee
5 Personality Development & Counselling Cell
  • To bring spiritual & personality development in students.
  • To make the students. realize their potentialities
  • To organize Workshops, Training Sessions & Guest Lectures on personality development.
  • To organize soft skills, yoga & meditation related short term courses.
Extra-curricular Committee
6 Students Grievance Redressal Cell
  • To develop a responsive & accountable attitude among all the students.
  • To promote cordial Student-Student relationship.
  • To encourage students to express their grievances / problems freely and frankly without fear of being victimized.
Extra-curricular Committee Committee
7 Research committee
  • To inculcate in student’s research oriented approach.
  • To conduct extension & awareness programme.
  • To encourage students and staff for the research work.
  • To publish College Miscellany comprising the research work of faculty and students.
Co-curricular Activities
8 Library Advisory committee
  • Suggests for addition of new books.
  • Updating of books with recent arrivals.
  • Stock verification.
Curricular Committee
9 SC/ST grievance cell committee
  • To redress the grievances of SC/ST students, if any.
  • To provide SC/ST Book Bank Scheme & Scholarship facilities to the SC/ST students.
Statutory Committee
10 Alumni Association
  • To provide platform for Internship and juniorship to our students in the Chambers of Alumni Advocates.
  • To conduct Moot Court competition to motivate the students.
  • To support overall development of the College activities.
Extra-curricular Committee
11 Ladies Association & Women Empowerment Cell
  • To redress the grievances of girl students.
  • To organise various competitions facilitating to participate & exhibit their skills.
  • To organize gender sensitization events.
  • To organise women health related training sessions.
Extra-curricular Committee
12 Anti-sexual Harassment Committee
  • To redress the grievances related to sexual harrasment if any.
  • To create awareness among all the members of staff and students about Anti-sexual regulations.
Statutory Committee
13 Right to Information Committee
  • To maintain transparency in all the activities of the College.
  • To provide solutions for any of the applications seeking Information under RTI Act.
Statutory Committee
14 Moot court committee
  • To train the students to become efficient lawyers in the global world.
  • To facilitate the students to participate in Interclass and Outside Moot Court competition.
  • To inculcate advocacy skills.
  • To organise National level Moot Court Competitions, Mock Trial Competitions & Client Counselling Competitions.
Curricular Committee
15 Debate & Cultural Committee
  • To develop self confidence, stage courage & presentation skills among the students.
  • To give proper orientation in order to promote research activity among the students.
  • To organise  debate competitions & send meritorious students to outside competititons.
Co-curricular Committee
16 Legal Aid committee
  • 1.Train the students in interviewing skills and understand the problems of weaker section of the society.
  • To create legal awareness among the villages.
  • To inculcate social responsibility among the students by organizing legal aid & legal literacy camp.
Extra-curricular Committee
17 NSS Cell
  • To serve to the society by the conduct of Special Camps at villages.
  • To create legal, health, social awareness among the members of society.
  • To inculcate values and service toward the mankind among the students.
Extra-curricular Committee
18 Staff  Meeting & Time table committee
  • To prepare time table compatible with the affiliated university.
  • To adopt & adjust the time table taking in to consideration contingencies.
  • To distribute subjects of every semester among the full timers and part timers.
Curricular Committee
19 Examination committee
  • To conduct internal test & thereby train the students for the forthcoming semester examinations.
  • To conduct “Induction Analysis Test” for the freshers and therein provide special facilities to “Advance learners” and “Slow learners”.
  • To conduct Assignment & Seminar for each subject.
  • to facilitate smooth conduct of semester exams.
  • To maintain marklist of Internal valuation of each subject.
Curricular Committee
20 Environmental Club
  • To create awareness for the protection of environment.
  • To ban polythene bags & encourage eco-friendly.
  • To organise environment protection camps through NSS camps of the College.
  • To ban vehicles on the campus to reduce pollution.
Extra-curricular Committee
21 Human Rights Club
  • To create awareness among the students about human rights.
  • To organise guest lectures, seminars. Legal aid camps & NSS camps in order to create awareness about human rights to the public at large.
Extra-curricular Committee
22 Employment Cell
  • 1.To organize Placement interviews for the final year students and alumni with the help of  stakeholders and outsiders.
  • To have MoUs for placements with Senior advocates and Alumni Advocates.
  • To inform career opportunities after the Course.
Extra-curricular Committee
23 Seminar & Workshop Committee
  • To organize Workshop / Seminar / Conference in the College.
  • To send students to various outside Workshop /Seminar / Conferences to enhance their knowledge.
  • To encourage staff to participate in Workshop / Seminar etc.
Co-curricular Committee
24 Infrastructure & Hospitality Committee
  • To conduct dead stock verification.
  • To provide requirement of infrastructure / equipments to the Principal.
  • To extend hospitality during different activities of the College.
Extra-curricular Committee
25 Equal Opportunity Cell
  • To provide facilities for specially challenged students.
  • To solve the grievances of specially challenged students if any.
Statutory Committee