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Study Materials – B.A.LL.B. Program

Course I English View
Course II Major I Political Science I Theory & Thought View
Course II Minor I I Invitation to Sociology View
Course III Minor II I Principals of Economics View
Course V Legal Methods View
Course I Kannada / Kannada Kali (For Non-Kannadiga students) View
Course II Major I Political Science II Organization & Institutions View
Course III Minor I-2 Indian Society: Continuly and Change View
Course IV Minor II-2 Money, Banking and International Trade View
Course V Law of Torts View
Course I Major I Political Science III State & political Obligations View
Course II Major I Political Science IV World Governments View
Course III Major I-3 Recent theorotical Perspectives in Sociology View
Course IV Minor II-3 Economic Theory and Public Finance View
Course V Constitutional Law I View
Course I Major-I Political Science – V Public Administration View
Course II Major-I Political Science – VI International Relations and Organisations View
Course III Constitutional Law – II View
Course IV Law of Crimes – I (Indian Penal Code) View
Course – V Contract – I(Law of General Contract) View