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Counter-Strike: Situation Zero

Counter-Strike: Situation Zero




Counter-Strike: Supply




Valve Company
Gearbox Software program
Ritual Entertainment
Turtle Rock Studios


Valve Corporation
Vivendi Universal Publishing

Release date(s)

March 23, 2004 (Windows)
March 6, 2013 (Mac OS X, Linux)




ESRB: Mature
PEGI: 16+

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero (CS:CZ) is a first-particular person shooter video recreation and the sequel to the original Counter-Strike. The sport was released in 2004 via each retail shops and Steam and uses the GoldSrc engine. Situation Zero options a multiplayer mode, which options up to date character models, textures, maps, and different graphical tweaks. It’s bundled with a copy of Counter-Strike regardless of how you buy it.

In contrast to different Counter-Strike games, Condition Zero additionally incorporates a single-player mission pack with the participant unlocking maps and more environment friendly bots as they cross sure necessities for each map whereas playing as a Counter-Terrorist. These requirements embody targets similar to “kill three enemies with a Clarion 5.56” or “win a round in forty five seconds”. This recreation mode is called Tour of Obligation.

There is another single-player mission pack known as Deleted Scenes. To date, Situation Zero is the only game within the franchise that options a single-player campaign.

Condition Zero is thought for introducing the Counter-Strike bot, though the Xbox model of Counter-Strike was truly the first sport within the series to incorporate it.

As of April 15, 2009, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero is without doubt one of the ten most performed Half-Life modifications by way of gamers, in keeping with GameSpy.[1]


1 Gameplay
2 Recreation modes 2.1 Single-participant – Tour of Obligation
2.2 Single-participant – Deleted Scenes
2.Three Multiplayer

3.1 Hostage rescue
3.2 Bomb defusal
3.Three Assassination

4.1 Listing of maps

10.1 Bots
10.2 Element textures
10.3 Mapping, modding and modifying tools
10.4 Content material supply and anti-cheat



Game modes

Counter-Strike: Situation Zero was originally designed to introduce a single-participant Counter-Strike expertise and subsequently it has extra in-depth single-participant modes accessible than other entries in the collection. In addition to two totally different single-participant modes, the standard multiplayer mode can be out there.


Single-participant – Tour of Obligation

Tour of Obligation map choice menu

The Tour of Obligation single-player mode is the principle single-participant mode in the sport. It allows players to play common multiplayer maps in an arcade-like single-participant experience. Each map has a certain quantity of aims which embrace killing a specific amount of enemies or rescuing hostages. Normally, some restrictions comparable to achieving the aims with a particular weapon or within a certain time frame accompany the objectives. The fundamental setting could be very just like a daily multiplayer recreation as the sport utilizes the new bot AI to allow the possibility of getting crew mates and enemies in the game. When these aims are completed, the participant earns a repute point. Reputation factors are needed to unlock the following set of maps and they’re additionally used to recruit new or better group mates.

Beginning with version 1.1, the game helps the likelihood of creating customized campaigns for the game mode. Since the release of this assist, numerous unofficial campaigns have been launched on-line.

Single-participant – Deleted Scenes

The Deleted Scenes part of the sport is included as a separate bonus sport. This half consists of major parts of the work finished by Ritual Leisure for his or her iteration of the game. There are major differences in game mechanics and weapon stability on this sport mode compared to a Counter-Strike multiplayer game or the Tour of Duty mode. This recreation performs more like a traditional linear shooter like Half-Life than a multiplayer game of Counter-Strike.


While it was originally deliberate to have cross-compatibility between online gamers of Counter-Strike and players of Condition Zero,[2] the two games feature completely separate multiplayer communities in a much criticized move. For the most half, the multiplayer sport itself is equivalent to that of the original Counter-Strike.

One main difference is the ability to add bots to servers. These bots operate very similar to any other player taking on regular player slots. The server admin can freely select the amount of bots they want to incorporate in a server, thus additionally it is potential to play a multiplayer game solo with out different human gamers using bots.


Counter-Strike: Condition Zero consists of assist for all of the situations from the original Counter-Strike (hostage rescue, bomb defusal and assassination). It is also attainable to play the escape situation, but no such maps are included by default and no effort was put into enabling support for this state of affairs for the bots or the Tour of Obligation game mode.

Hostage rescue

When Counter-Strike: Condition Zero was initially launched, the hostage rescue state of affairs was equivalent to that of the original Counter-Strike. Starting with version 1.2 of the sport, some quite major changes to the situation have been made.

The basics of the state of affairs still stay the same with Counter-Terrorists attempting to rescue the hostages (four in all new Condition Zero maps) by bringing them to the hostage rescue zone and Terrorists making an attempt to foil their plans. Victory will also be attained by eliminating the opposing group.

Hostages reacting to gunfire

Nonetheless, the hostage AI was up to date in version 1.2 to utilize a few of the identical routines as the bot AI does. Using these routines, hostages have gained the power to seek out their way to the hostage rescue zones by themselves, that’s until a terrorist approaches them through which case they are going to run back to their original location. Additionally they present feelings and react to their surroundings, signaling approaching Counter-Terrorists whether or not any Terrorists are nearby. As well as, hostages also have the power to climb ladders. Since this up to date logic is based on the bot AI, the absence of a bot navigation file for the map will revert the hostage logic to that of the original Counter-Strike.

The hostage models additionally received a make-over in version 1.2, coinciding with this major hostage rescue state of affairs replace. These models have been seemingly created by Turtle Rock Studios,[3] but they were based on hostage models created by Ritual Entertainment. As these updated models are laborious coded to override the hostage fashions specified by the map file,[4] it’s no longer doable to make use of map particular customized hostage fashions following this replace.

Bots additionally fully help this situation with Counter-Terrorists properly trying to rescue the hostages and Terrorists trying to defend them. The Tour of Responsibility sport mode also has several situation specific tasks obtainable for hostage rescue.

Bomb defusal

Bomb defusal features precisely like it does in the unique Counter-Strike. Once planted the bomb will detonate after a particular amount of time and successful detonation will lead to victory for the Terrorist group. One player on the Terrorist team starts off with a bomb which needs to be planted at one in all two bombsites. Counter-Terrorists may try to defuse the bomb and successful defusal yields victory to the Counter-Terrorists. Victory can be attained by eliminating the opposing team.

Complete bot support for the state of affairs is on the market and the Tour of Responsibility recreation mode additionally offers duties specific to bomb defusal eventualities.


New VIP model

While no new assassination maps were introduced with Situation Zero, the actual fact that every one maps from the original Counter-Strike are included signifies that the lone assassination map Oilrig is a part of the sport. Gameplay remains similar to the original recreation, but other updates were made to help the situation. To complement the brand new player models, an upgraded participant mannequin is launched for the VIP.

The official bots additionally assist taking part in this state of affairs, but it may be argued that this help was mostly an afterthought. Bots that take the function of the VIP will properly attempt to reach escape zones in maps. However, they play like any common bot making no extra efforts at holding oneself alive. This is very apparent when a bot VIP runs out of the restricted pistol ammunition, as it’s going to try and cost at any encountered enemies armed solely with a knife.

With the introduction of customized campaign support for the Tour of Obligation mode, a scenario specific job for the assassination mode, which entailed killing the VIP, was additionally introduced. [5] However, regardless of this job getting carried out it doesn’t work correctly and may in fact never be achieved. [6] Additionally, beginning an assassination map through the Tour of Obligation sport mode will incorrectly establish the map as a hostage rescue situation during the loading display screen.


A complete of four maps had been added to the game submit-launch by way of game patches.

List of maps

Along with the new maps included with Condition Zero, all maps from the original Counter-Strike are additionally playable by way of Condition Zero. There’s out-of-the-field bot support included for all the new and original maps. The itemizing under solely contains the maps (or variations of them) that are part of Situation Zero.

*A few of these maps have been worked on by quite a few individuals and corporations. This lists the original creator of the map only; the person mainly responsible for the general geometry of the map.

Weapons and equipment

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero features precisely the same arsenal of weapons and tools as the original Counter-Strike. The opportunity of weapons exclusive to Deleted Scenes being launched was mentioned,[7] however this never happened.

Back when Ritual Entertainment was engaged on Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, that they had remade all of the weapon fashions in the game. Nevertheless, some individuals felt that a few of these fashions seemed too completely different from the original Counter-Strike weapon models. Therefore the fashions originally created by Ritual have been slightly modified after which introduced into Situation Zero beginning with model 1.1.[8]

Factions and participant models

When Counter-Strike: Condition Zero was initially launched, it had the identical factions as the original Counter-Strike. In * version 1.2, two new factions have been added: the American Terrorists Midwest Militia and the Russian Counter-Terrorists Spetsnaz.

Condition Zero was supposed to use the player models that Ritual Entertainment had created, however as a consequence of technical difficulties with these fashions the sport was initially launched utilizing the original Counter-Strike models. [9] Nevertheless, in model 1. 1 of the sport the enhanced participant models initially made by Ritual have been added to the sport. Homeowners of Condition Zero also can select to use these enhanced models in the unique Counter-Strike.

Listing of factions

Each group has five obtainable factions that players can select as their third-individual mannequin.


The event of Counter-Strike: Situation Zero initially began in 2001 with Rogue Leisure engaged on the game, however development was overtaken by Gearbox Software relatively shortly attributable to considerations with the monetary stability of Rogue Entertainment. After about a yr of development, Gearbox Software determined to withdraw from the project and in mid 2002 Ritual Entertainment took over growth before the game lastly landed within the fingers of the comparatively younger Turtle Rock Studios in mid 2003.

Turtle Rock Studios had already been concerned with improvement of the game when Ritual Entertainment was in command of its development in the form of the official bots.[10] Internal playtests at Valve Software and early evaluations of the sport developed by Ritual Entertainment had revealed some severe short comings in its design.[2] Alternatively, the official bot created by Turtle Rock Studios had been very well obtained by the neighborhood and the press, which is why Valve Software program determined to offer Turtle Rock the duty of redesigning the sport from scratch in round June 2003.[11]

The design by Turtle Rock Studios drew some inspiration from sports video games,[7] and due to the success of the bots it turned possible to construct very versatile arcade-like missions for the game.[12] Whereas the design of the sport by Gearbox Software was by no means officially mentioned as a supply of inspiration, the similarities are quite apparent. As a substitute of completely scrapping the work completed by Ritual Entertainment, the decision was made to package it up as a bonus sport of kinds with the title Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes.

On October 8, 2003 the model of the sport designed by Turtle Rock Studios was unveiled to the general public and it was to go gold by October 10, 2003 and be available at retail and via Steam on November 18, 2003.[12] Only a day after this version of the game had been introduced, it would find yourself getting leaked coinciding with the Half-Life 2 leak.[13]

By the time November 18, 2003 came around the game was nowhere to be seen. In keeping with Jess Cliffe, the game had been delayed resulting from work needed to be executed by the writer in finalizing international variations of the sport. [14] Soon, Valve Software program would also drag this into their on-going lawsuit with the writer Vivendi Universal Games claiming that Vivendi purposefully delayed the discharge of Situation Zero which made it miss the 2003 holiday season. [15]

Regardless of the lack of a release date for the title, Valve Software program decided to prepare a launch celebration for the sport on December 16, 2003. The event was announced to be open to anybody over 21 of age and was held on the Home of Shields in San Francisco. Attendees have been supposed to have the ability to play the final model of the sport at the event. [16] However, accounts by non-employees that tried to affix the occasion point out that it was in reality invite only and others have been turned away on the door. [17]

In an extra move of bad luck, Condition Zero was leaked for the second time in early January 2004. [18] Nonetheless, the next month on February 25, 2004 writer Vivendi Common Video games announced the long awaited release date of March 23, 2004 for the sport.[19] This time the game would now not slip, and after virtually three since the game was initially announced it was finally released on March 23, 2004.[20]

Put up-release, the game was updated with substantial new content material including higher quality character and weapon fashions, new maps, a brand new radar/location system and a significant change to the hostage rescue state of affairs.

On February 21, 2013 a beta of the game was made out there for Linux and Mac OS X and on March 7, 2013 assist for these platforms was formally released.[21]

Music and sound effects

Counter-Strike: Situation Zero utilizes some of the music initially composed by Zak Belica when Ritual Leisure was working on the game. In addition to music featured in the primary menu, a number of pieces are used inside the Tour of Responsibility game mode.

Enhanced sound effects have been launched to the game in model 1.1. While enhanced sound effects had been created by Zak Belica of Ritual Entertainment for a lot of the previous sound results (together with ambience and map specific sound effects), solely weapon firing sounds and player actions sounds have been replaced with enhanced versions. Not all of these had been taken immediately from the work by Belica as it was felt that a few of these sounds deviated too removed from the unique sound effects, thus many of these sound results have been remade.[5]