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Plants Vs. Zombies 2: it is About Time

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Zombies are invading your property once more, but matters take a flip for the science fiction when Crazy Dave eats a most delicious taco. You could command your military of undead-killing plants for a second time as you go back in time seeking Loopy Dave’s taco.

PopCap first released Plants vs. PopCap added extra plants, zombies, and mechanics to the sport. Zombies 2: It’s About Time completely on IOS devices. Essentially the most notable change from the primary recreation, nevertheless, is the truth that Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time is a free-to-play recreation.


New Mechanics

Plant Meals

Plant meals allows the player to power up one in all his or her plants. To energy up a plant, the player clicks on the plant meals icon at the bottom of the screen after which clicks on a plant that has been positioned. Every plant in the sport can be powered up and every plant’s energy-up is exclusive and often entails a beefed-up version of their common attack or means. Plant meals is collected from zombies. This glow signifies that they are going to drop plant food once killed. All through a stage, zombies will randomly come out with a inexperienced glows. Once the plant food is dropped, it floats across the screen till the player clicks on it and collects it, equally to solar.


Three new skills the player can use at any time have been added to the sport: Power Pinch, Energy Toss, and Energy Zap. To use these powers, the participant clicks on the corresponding icon at the underside of the display after which she or he is given a number of seconds to make use of the power. Every energy allows the player to make use of touch-system gestures to simply kill zombies. Players pinch zombies away with Energy Pinch, flick zombies into oblivion with Power Toss, or press and electrocute zombies to dust with Power Zap.


Keys are particular objects that randomly drop when enemies are killed. They can drop in any degree and from any enemy. Keys are used to open gates on the world map that result in extra plants, upgrades, and ranges.


Stars are special objects required to advance to the next world which gamers can collect by completing special challenges on levels. Most challenges require gamers to replay a degree beneath certain restrictions. These restrictions include a solar-spending limit, particular plants to guard, and plenty of more. Sure levels will have just one star to collect, and these levels will normally introduce a problem that dramatically adjustments the way in which the game is played; these levels usually resemble the minigames from the original Plants vs. Most ranges have three stars to collect, but these stars are locked and can’t be collected till the participant reaches the top of the world. Zombies.

World Map

Plants vs. Zombies 2 performs across three completely different worlds: an Egypt-themed world, a pirate-themed world, and a wild west-themed world. Each world comes with its personal unique world map which players use to select their level. Most levels are unlocked in a linear fashion, beat one degree and the subsequent one is unlocked. Certain ranges are locked behind special gates and only unlock once the participant has acquired enough keys from that world. These gates may also be unlocked with a real-money transaction if the participant chooses to take action.


The zombie yeti returns from the original Plants vs. The yeti has an opportunity to randomly appears in any level in the sport. Zombies, but this time he has a lunchbox. When he does, the participant is notified and has to hunt him out earlier than he goes away. Once the player chooses to play the extent with the yeti, the player has to kill the yeti to get him to drop his lunchbox. After beating the extent, the participant opens the lunchbox which has a random reward, normally a key or gem.

Free to Play


Plants vs. Zombies 2 has an in-game store from which gamers can purchase objects for actual money. The shop has four sections: coins, plants, upgrades, and bundles. In the coins part, players can purchase coins in several quantities to be used in the game. All besides one of these plants (the power Lily) are plants from the unique Plants vs. The plants part allows players to buy several plants that are solely out there by means of the store. The upgrades section allows gamers to purchase 4 upgrades which give a everlasting benefit whereas taking part in the game. One of each of these upgrades will be found in the game, the other must be bought. Zombies, chosen from lists of participant favourites. The ultimate section is for bundles that embrace coins, plants, and upgrades.